Advantages of boiler servicing

Getting your boiler serviced is great for a number of reasons, but some people still don’t get it done as often as recommended. Ideally, your boiler should be serviced once a year to keep it in great shape. Keep reading to find out why annual boiler servicing is always the best idea! We have a great team who can service your boiler across South Birmingham!

Reduces the risk of breakdowns 

During an annual service, our team can find any small issues that may not have become noticeable yet. This makes the problem easier and cheaper to fix, especially when compared to a breakdown!

Advantages of boiler servicing

Keeps your boiler reliable

Having a boiler you can rely on is important and getting it serviced annually is a great way to ensure this. When our gas engineers say your boiler is in great shape you’ll have peace of mind in knowing you can rely on it to work smoothly for another year. 

Keeps your warranty/guarantee valid

Some boiler warranties and guarantees require annual servicing to stay valid. It is important you follow this rule in order to stay protected, or you may risk voiding it and having to pay to fix any problems yourself. 

Maintains a high level of boiler efficiency 

Keeping your boiler regularly serviced helps to maintain a high level of efficiency. An efficient boiler wastes less energy as it operates, and less wasted energy means less wasted money. This helps you and the environment!

Keeps you safe

The most important reason to get your boiler serviced is that it keeps you safe. Our gas engineers can look for any potential leaks or weak spots that may turn into something more serious if left untreated. Boilers can be dangerous appliances, so it is important to look after them properly. 

Longer boiler lifespan 

As with everything, the better you care for your boiler, the longer it’ll last. Servicing your boiler potentially helps to add years to its lifespan. This is great as it saves you money long term and gives you more time before you have to splash out on a new boiler.  

Need your boiler serviced in South Birmingham?

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